Giovanna Price Pottery

About me

I was born in Sicily and have been creating hand built ceramics for over 30 years, learning techniques at colleges in Stoke-on-Trent and Warwickshire. Much of my work is influenced by the dramatic landscapes and diversity of natural forms found in my native homeland. Iíve also drawn on the Warwickshire countryside and influences as diverse as the art and landscape of Ancient Egypt and the timeless vistas of the great American national parks, the flora of the Amazon jungle and the awe-inspiring heights of Machu Picchu to produce the subtle curves, patterns and textures that are emblematic of my work.

Some of my most recent work influenced by my Sicilian heritage has reflected the deep blue colours of the Ionian Sea and the snowy slopes of Mount Etna. The latter provided the inspiration for a set of fourteen unique vases commissioned as table settings for a wedding reception.

I work in my garden studio surrounded by trees and plants. I make my pots mainly by slabbing, pinching and pressing, usually with stoneware flecked clay. Texture and movement are important in my work and each piece evolves organically. When constructing bowls and dishes I use moulds to support the clay and to construct the shape. I press and smooth the clay to produce thin, delicate pieces. Many of these are cracked in places by using a heat gun. Following bisque firing, colour is used to emphasise cracks, tears and texture by underglazing with oxides, then glazing before firing at 1260 degrees in an electric kiln. Some of my pots have the inside base decorated with sea glass collected from the beach in my village in Sicily.

Individual commissions can be based on examples of my existing work but I also welcome the challenge of working from a suggested idea or theme to produce an original and unique item.

Prices are available on request.